Came accross this one today. Very interesting.

for those who wanna use freerdp server, follow the following steps:

linux xfreerdp-server (I’ve tested successfully):
1. build with -DWITH_SERVER=ON option

2. copy server/X11/server.crt and server.key to ~/.freerdp/server/
3. use windows freerdp binary wfreerdp-hash.exe to generate a file with the exact file name “SAM”, and copy it to linux /etc/winpr/SAM:
wfreerdp-hash.exe -d xxx -u xxx -p xxx
where domain/user/password is the credential of the linux user who starting xfreerdp-server
4. start xfreerdp-server binary
5. use a rdp client to connect to it. REMEMBER, make sure remotefx option is enabled at client, or connection fails!

windows wfreerdp-server.exe (i’ve not tested):
1. build with cmake GUI with WITH_SERVER to be ON.
2. generate SAM file and copy it to C:. this is a absolute path in freerdp code. hoping making it an option.
3. open registry editor, goto HKLM\Software\FreeRDP\Server (create it if there’s no such path), creating two string key, CertificateFile and PrivateKeyFile, and pointing them to server.crt and server.key respectively.
4.5. same as linux.

Run on client:

xfreerdp /u:hoangnguyen /p:password /v:localhost

Compiling the webconnect:


checking for freerdp_keyboard_get_rdp_scancode_from_virtual_key_code in -lfreerdp-locale… no @ configure

Ahhhhh, so interesting. Will visit later then.

Problem now:

if run from the cloud, xfreerdp-server cannot open display: :0

Looks like X needs to be running.

– had to install

libX11-dev libxext-dev libxdamage-dev

Got guacamole running, but for multiple viewers:

– Create a Portlet called WorkowEditor portlet to display guacamole client. But it does not display the GUI yet.

The portlet only has the display div in it, nothing else. This is similar to setting the wrong tunnel URL in test client. So its likely caused by the portlet cannot find the tunnel url. Even set with http://localhost:8080/WorkflowEditor/tunnel.

But now the question is that to set to tunnel ? Will it work if I seperate the servlet ?


Done. The solution is “/WorkflowEditor/tunnel” relative URL but from WorkflowEditor.


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