Unix joke :)) Epic

date ; unzip ; strip ; touch ; grep ; finger ; mount ; fsck ; more ; yes ; umount ; sleep


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  1. slump says :

    Four Engineers are taking a rental car to a convention. The Engineering manager is driving and the other three, a software, an electrical, and a mechanical engineer are riding in the various seats. They go up to the top of a hill and begin going down, when the manager tries to use the brakes to slow down, they aren’t working. Everyone is somewhat paniced but fortunately they were able to roll to a stop. Everyone gets out and kisses the ground etc. The mechanical engineer moves to look at the brakes suspecting an issue with the brake pads, the electrical engineer thinks there might be an issue with the ABS system and pops the hood to look. The Engineering manage just asks, “so what do you think?” The Software engineer just stands with his arms crossed shaking his head in disgust. The manager notices it and asks, “what’s wrong?” The software engineer replies, “What are you guys doing?! Let’s just get in the car and see if it happens again!”


    A group of computer science majors were listening to a lecture about Java programming at a university. After the lecture one of the men leaned over and grabbed a women’s

    Woman: “Hey! Thats private OK!?”

    The man hesitated for a second looking confused.

    Man: “But I thought we were in the same class?”

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