Very close now …

This thesis is the result of a long journey throughout which I received great support from many people whom I wish to acknowledge here. I do not think I could have completed this thesis without them and their support.

My supervisor, Professor David Abramson, and my fiancée, Lê Ngọc Thảo, probably deserve the most acknowledgements. David, I am forever thankful to your support, guidance and inspiration. I am grateful for your scholarships, for relocating me to Brisbane where I met Thao, and for your effort to proofread every single chapter in this thesis. And Thảo, I thank you very much for providing me with your love, encouragement and companion. I cannot wait to start our new journey.

I also thank my family, my father Nguyễn Hồng Thái, brother Nguyễn Hoàng Sơn, sister Cao Lệ Quyên, aunty Quách Thị Hà for their support and encouragement during the last four years.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr. Minh Ngoc Dinh, who has been a wonderful colleague and friend. I am grateful for your support, advice and wisdom-ish:-). I would really hope for continuing working with you in the future.

I am grateful to Dr. Timoleon Kipouros and Dr. Siddeswara Guru for their collaborations during the candidature. Many use cases are the outcomes of these collaborations.

I would like to express my gratitude towards Dr. Minh Duc Cao, Hasn AlTaiar and Dr. Ricky Theodore. Their comments were really helpful throughout the writing process.

Last but not least, I would like to thank my Melbournian friends for their support. Himanshu Pahujas, Hasn AlTaiar, Ricky Theodore, Ashwin Shah, Jessie Nghiem, Aisa Na’im, Michael Bong, Adelina Wi and Rabbit.

Tết nay …. :)

Tết nay anh không thèm đốt pháo
Vì đã có tiếng em kêu giống như là bom mìn
Tết nay anh không thèm choi hoa
Vì tiếng em cười tan tác một vườn hoa

… :( Another brick

And my weekend is ruined. Damn the brick😦.

Disappointment ?

Well, nothing to disappoint. Maybe there is a bigger chance waiting for me. Now, work harder.  

Deploy Nimrod Portal on QCloud

Initial plan is to have 4 servers:

  • one for portal: 4 cores
  • one for webservice: 16 cores
  • one for nimrod file server: 4 cores + 1TB
  • one for programs: 2 cores + 200Gbs


Plan changed. 1TB will be mounted to teh Nimrod Web Service. NFS Server will be set up here as well.

Problems mounting 1Tb into NimrodWebService in QRISCloud:

  • ext3 is not in /dev/vdc
  • sudo mke2fs -S /dev/vdc
  • sudo mke2fs -j /dev/vdc
  • The last two steps will create ext3 in the volume
  • mount normally.

Now more the home directory to that newly mounted volume. I will have 1Tb of storage.

Mount /mnt to /nimrodtemp and /home to /nimrodfs. Temp files will be uploaded and put in /nimrodtemp, then will be moved to corresponding location. /nimrodfs is read only. This is for security.

Now config tomcat so that it stores config file in /mnt


* steps used to enable AAF: 1) using HTTPS

1) follow this one: to serve liferay on port 80.

2) enable HTTPS.

The configuration is in dropbox


Now create custom login module.


Working with AAF now.


Now redirect logout page to its non https page. Done.



So now:

– the user can choose to go with AAF or traditional username and password

– if logout, the user will be redirected back to the normal page


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